JR Consulting (JRC) is a management consulting practice.

JRC helps to improve business efficiency by providing consulting and advisory services locally and globally via Internet.

JRC was funded in 1998 by Dr Jerry Rus in Johannesburg South Africa. Jerry Rus (PhD in Business Administration) has 30 years of industrial experience. Since 1998 he provides management and business services.
We guide through a process leading to greater business efficiency. Some people call it business optimization or the supply chain optimization, performance improvement or performance management.

What does it involve ?

At first we model the business as it is and improve it by identifying and eliminating non operational expenses, identifying and managing capacity utilization, identifying and preventing unprofitable transactions. Specialized software may be required.

Next we look for ways to optimize internal processes.

And last we look a the improvement of the long term business position through strategic planning

Instant, short and long term substantial gains are guaranteed.

Performance Management

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