JR Consulting focus the most important measure of business efficiency - the money measure. Other business aspects and key indicators have sense only when they positively contribute to financial performance directly or indirectly. .

Performance Improvement



That can be saved costs, increased revenues and profits. JR Consulting will therefore focus mainly on actions that have impact on the money measures, short and long term. JR Consulting follow the methodology of activity based management (ABM). Product, services customers and distribution channels consume activities and activities consume resources (expenses). Or otherwise ABM analyses the money flow through business and identifies improvement opportunities. .
JR Consulting consults, advise, and oversee - you implement.

This the most efficient form of engagement by a consultant. He brings the management knowledge and experience while the employees have the company knowledge. That is what is needed. That is what produces results.

Thin and slim business,... in long term competitive position. Key performance indicators will be established to maintain that way. Worth to celebrate !
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