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Management consulting projects often do not deliver
on expectations.Motivated by over optimistic projections,
when completed by hired in management consultants,
the projects fail the transition phase. Involvement of
employees and management is insufficient preventing
successful project transfer. From one side companies
hire management consultants to acquire skill they do
not have. On the other hand, hiring a management
consultant is like showing somebody your watch,
explaining how it works and he will than tell you what
the time is. For what you will pay.
Business solution
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Nobody knows your business better than you do. There may be times
when you need an outside help. This is where consultant can help
by guiding and consulting, but still, …  you and your employees have to
do the work.  That secures successful outcome. Do It Yourself - what
you can, get help when you need it. Purchase the programs, call ofr support
when nneded. When your business has a problem we can help
to solve it. We advise and guide – You Implement. At a fraction of
daily cost of hired in consultant. R6500.00 for one moth
management consulting support. Terms*
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